Article of the Week #2

The second article of this week’s double feature is provided by Bobbi Olson from CentsAble Chat. She went from $60,000 in debt to debt-free and building wealth. What a great development!

About CentsAble Chat

Bobbi was stuck in financial chaos and believed that nothing would ever change. She hated her job and felt like a caged animal with nowhere to run, no options. But then she learned about personal finance and budgeting, became starved for all information she could find and turned into a certified budgeting geek! As a result, she went from $60,000 in debt to debt-free, building wealth and loving life! Bobbi LOVES sharing what she has learned, because she believes budgeting can change ANYONE’S life!

Summary of the featured article ‘The 5-Step Budgeting Process’

The most successful budgeting process will be one that is customized for you and focuses on achieving your financial goals. Here’s the process I used to get out of debt and to build a strong financial foundation.

The article


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