Articles of the Week #4

Money Saving Central

As a mum of five, I have always had to be money savvy, and I am pretty good at it – which has ignited my passion to other help people live Frugally, Save Money and Cut Costs.

Money Saving Central

Featured article ‘101 of the Best Ways To Save Money’

Saving money doesn’t mean depriving yourself of anything, it’s about shopping savvy, cutting costs reasonably and making easy changes, and here are 101 of the very best ways.

Read the article: 101 of the Best Ways To Save Money

Financial IQ by Susie Q

My goal is to help young (and old) people make better informed financial decisions. With unbiased information in hand, people are less likely to make financial mistakes that can have short- or long-term unintended consequences.

Financial IQ by Susie Q

Featured article ‘Diversification: Don’t Get Misled by these Charts’

This article looks at two charts that are intended to convey information about investment diversification. Both charts contain valuable information, but can easily be misinterpreted. The article highlights the correct information while making clear why the seemingly more obvious message isn’t right.

Read the article: Diversification: Don’t Get Misled by these Charts

A Dime Saved

I’ve always been into personal finance but a stint of unemployment made me realize how important it was to have personal finance information for low-earners and financial newbies.

A Dime Saved

Featured article: ‘$1,000 Savings Challenge’

Saving your first $1,000 is the first step towards financial stability!
Join the $1,000 Savings Challenge and start improving your financial future

Read the article: $1,000 Savings Challenge


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