Articles of the Week #5

Banker On Wheels

My main motivation is to educate motivated investors that want to understand how to achieve financial independence.

Banker On Wheels

Featured article ‘Long Term Investing Strategies for Financial Independence’

A 10+ time period is long and while Long Term Investing Strategies for Financial Independence should be relatively simple they need to cover key asset classes (at least 3-4 different ETFs in the Core Portfolio) that can boost returns in the long run
The great news is that unlike Medium Term Investing your long time horizon materially decreases risks. Given your Time Horizon and if you follow sound investment principles illustrated below you have by historical standards no chance of losing money
After assessing your Risk profile you can construct a portfolio quite easily and reduce costs/fees. What most people don’t realize is that this can be done without much financial knowledge
Select one Bond ETF and at least a couple of Equity ETFs and rebalance at least annually

Read the article: Long Term Investing Strategies for Financial Independence

The Frugal Expat

I am working to help people save more money and think about their finances differently. With this article if they know about how their savings rates affect their overall finances then they can control their spending and save more money.

The Frugal Expat

Featured article ‘The Importance of a Savings Rate’

The article is about savings rates. How the power of saving can drastically change your financial picture. Being able to save more money can help generate a better financial future. It is time to think differently. It is time to cut out unwanted expenses, and save that money. It is time to see how savings rates can positively create you more wealth.

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Chris from Heavymetal Money

Using real estate investing to accelerate my journey to financial independence and have the option to retire early.

Chris from Heavymetal Money

Featured article: ‘Purchasing a Real Estate Investment’

In this article I explain the anatomy of a real estate deal: A look at how I analyze the cost, expenses, and cash flow of an investment opportunity.

Read the article: Purchasing a Real Estate Investment


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