Statistics Report #2: August 2020

What a month!

August represents the first full month of the Manage Your Money blog. Yay! Attention increased way faster than I expected, especially on Twitter. I do not intend to beat about the bush – let’s go straight into the numbers (see below for a summary table).


Last month I wrote seven posts in only 13 days. To be honest, I couldn’t keep up with that pace – but that has not been my intention. For August I expected to provide eight articles. After all, I provided eleven posts, including four featured articles of other upcoming bloggers. If you haven’t done already, you really should take a look at them (Articles of the Week)!

In September I’m expecting to provide nine new articles, including four posts in the Featured Articles section.

Visitors and Page Views

In the last 13 days of July I had 289 visitors (22 visitors per day). In retrospect, this number likely overstated the real number of visitors. So far, I was using the WP Statistics plugin which produces visitor statistics that strongly exceed those of Jepack. However, since I started to apply Jetpack roughly two weeks ago, statistics for this month are still based on WP Statistics.

Visitor development was stunning! According to WP Statistics, the blog had 1644 visitors which is tantamount to 53 visitors per day! This is more than twice of what I expected and I really appreciate that. The most popular article is given by 8 Insights from Behavioral Finance that will improve your investments – and this does not suprise me. Many of those concepts can be directly translated to the irrational behavior of many (especially unsophisticated) investors. Moreover, my interactive calculators (Are you saving enough to achieve your financial goals? and The impact of inflation on your savings) also enjoyed growing popularity.

In sum, August showed 3029 page views which are 529 more than expected. However, page views per visitor decreased to roughly two. This development is directly referable to the source of visitors. Many of those came from twitter and clicked specific articles (more in the next section).

Taking into account that Jetpack will likely display less visitors, September targets are the following:

  • Visitors: 1200 (40 per day)
  • Page Views: 2400 (80 per day)


Attention on twitter was beyond everything I could expect – remember: my target was to have 7-10 twitter followers by end of August. Well, what can I say?

I got to 228 followers – within only one month. Just wow!

I met many interesting people and got a lot of good feedback. People really seem to appreciate my content. Of course, this makes me really happy! My most popular post received more than 21,000 impressions and almost 3,250 engagements (per today). I couldn’t imagine to reach so many people within only one month.

In sum, almost 700 of the above visitors clicked a link on Twitter. For next month I’m very optimistic and expect to increase my followers to 500. According to the kind feedback I already received, this should be possible.

Mail Subscribers

A few weeks ago, I also set up a newsletter. So far, there have been 8 subscribers – mainly from people who submitted their article to be featured.

In September, I hope to increase this number to 20.


MeasureJulyTarget AugustAugustDiff. to JulyTarget September (with Jetpack)
Visitors (per day)289 (22)700 (23)1644 (53)+1355 (+31)1200 (40)
Page Views (per day)962 (74)2500 (81)3209 (104)+2247 (+30)2400 (80)
Twitter Followers27-10228+226500
Mail Subscribers008+820


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