What I changed after keeping book over my expenses

In my last post (Why you should keep book over your expenses) I outlined how you can easily start keeping book in order to save more money. In this post I will show what I changed for myself.

In principle, changes fall into 3 categories:

  1. I canceled unnecessary subscriptions. Most of you probably pay for several monthly subscriptions (e.g. Gym, Pay TV, Netflix). Each subscription itself might only account for a few dollars, but keeping book revealed to how much they add up. Therefore, I asked myself: Do I really need all of those? Of course, I did not, which is why I decided to cancel some of the contracts. Assuming an exchange rate of $/€ 1.15 this saved me:
    • Gym: €20.00 / $23.00 – To be honest, I did rarely see that place lately.
    • NFL Gamepass: €13.33 / $15.33 – German Free TV broadcasting noticeably increased during the last years.
    • Xing Premium: €10.00 / $11.50 – German equivalent to LinkedIn Premium
  2. I found a way to reduce costs of valuable subcriptions. Of course, you should not cancel subscriptions that seem valuable to you. But you might either find a cheaper offer or you could profit from customer recovery. Below you can see what I saved after adjusting my contracts – comparing offers literally pays off:
    • Cell Phone Bill: -€26.00 / -$30.00
    • Spotify Student: -€5.00 / – $5.75
    • Contact Lenses: -€20.00 / -$23.00
  3. I postponed to move into a larger apartment

In total, 1. and 2. add up to €94.33 / $108.50 per month or €1,132 / $1,302 per year – without incurring a loss of utility.

Long story short: Keeping book over my expenses made me aware of several small expenses and resulted in a significant reduction of monthly costs. Did you experience the same? I´m eagerly looking forward to read your comments!


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